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All Abilities Groups

People of all abilities are welcome to join us at the Farm for a meaningful experience, appropriate to their physical and developmental needs.


A number of student groups and adult day programs for people with special needs come to the Farm on a weekly basis.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays groups are welcome to sign up for a one hour program; this can be a regular trip (weekly, monthly, etc.) or a one-time experience. Groups that choose to come weekly will have the goal of becoming independent in their programming.

Our Sensory Garden is a wonderful space that was built with sensitivities in mind. There are things to smell, hear, touch, taste, and smell. We are consistently developing this space to be accessible, engaging, and appropriate for people of all abilities.

Our staff and volunteers have experience working with students with a variety of special needs.

We do ask to keep a 3-1 ratio of participants/chaperones, with 1-1 preferred for the best experience.

Before bringing your program to the Farm, we invite you to come for a tour to assess if our programs are a good fit for the needs of your students and participants.

Contact our Director of Education & Programming, Jenn Gillispie, at

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