Where is the farm?

  • First Fruits Farm HQ is located at 2025 Freeland Road in Freeland, Maryland.  Find directions here.
  • Our fields are located in six different parts of Northern Baltimore County, so your harvest experience might not be at HQ. We'll be in touch before your volunteer day to let you know exactly where you should go!

How should I prepare for volunteering?

  • Please have your cell phone handy as your volunteer day approaches. We will call the number you provided to let you know EXACTLY where you will be volunteering (there are six different locations of the farm!)
  • Each participant needs to bring a signed liability waiver.  Dress for the weather, expecting to get dirty.  No sandals or flip flops.  We provide gloves, drinking water, and on-the-job training.  
  • Plan to come early in the day. Most folks feel like they have had a full day at the farm after about 3 hours in the fields.  We try to complete our harvest activities before the heat of the day sets in.

What should I bring?

  • Please bring your signed liability waiver and a servant's heart! No experience is necessary - every helper is a blessing. We'll be having fun and working hard. 

Where does the food go after we harvest it?

  • We distribute the harvest to dozens of soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries (among other places) in this region.  We like to see the food go to as many people in need as possible. See our list of distribution partners here.
  • If you would like to help us expand our distribution, feel free to take some of the harvest to a pantry or shelter in your community.  Just let us know how much of the harvest you are taking and where you are taking it when you leave the field.  
  • Especially when young people are involved in the harvest, we encourage taking some of the harvest to a local pantry or shelter to "close the loop" on the experience of helping to feed the hungry.  

Can my children come?

  • All ages are welcome, as long as they are adequately supervised. Little ones do not tend to stay on task for very long, but we would love for them to come to the Farm.

What will we be harvesting?

  • Depends on the weather, how many volunteers we have that day, and what's in season! There are many variables that factor in to what - and where - we harvest on a given day. Thanks for being flexible!

Do I have to know how to farm?

  • All you need is a willing heart - we will teach you everything you need to know to help!

When is your season?

  • Our harvest activities for large groups begin in Mid-June and run through Mid-November. 

How can I get more involved with the operation?  I grew up on a farm and miss it!

  • We are actively searching for volunteers with farm and machinery experience to help with the "heavy lifting"! If you would like to get more involved, please visit our First Fruits Farmhands page or contact Rick Bernstein