Field Trip Options

Field Trips to First Fruits Farm are a combination of service and learning. Depending on the time of year, students can participate in a variety of programs that align with national, state, and local curriculum standards. Choose the options that best connect with what your students are learning in the classroom!


Basic Programs

Basic Programs include a variety of guided and independent tours meant for a short visit or an off-season Farm field trip. They can also be an addition to a Content Pillar class, depending on the length of your day.

We offer discovery sessions and online resources to prep your students for their trip.


March - June, our activities are heavy on learning and lighter on service. July - November we are heavier on service since the harvest is coming in and we need your students’ help!


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Content Pillars

Content Pillars are classes involving a variety of topics per grade level. These programs focus on earth science, plant biology, applied physics & mechanics, health, nutrition, and cooking skills.


New content is added annually.