Gilman School  8th Graders

Gilman School 8th Graders

Learning Opportunities

Opportunities for learning abound here at the Farm! Learn about the science, math, engineering, creativity, history, and technology that goes into growing food. Discover the geography of our distribution network. Make connections about healthy eating, nutrition, and food sustainability. The possibilities are endless!

Contact to discuss ways we can connect directly to your in-school curriculum during your trip.

Friends school  1st graders

Friends school 1st graders

Grow - Give - Serve

The hallmark of a trip to First Fruits Farm is service. We’ll explain the history of the Farm, and encourage your students to “look up”, experience God’s creation around them, and if they see a place where they can help, to “just get started!”

Every service project is different depending on the season, and could include field prep, planting, weeding, harvesting, painting, bagging produce for distribution…everyone pitches in! Contact us for specific service activity information closer to your volunteer date.

St. Josephs School  3rd-5th graders

St. Josephs School 3rd-5th graders

Experience Nature

Take a wagon ride with us! We’ll give you a tractor- led tour around our 204 acre farm, exploring everything that’s growing to be given away to the hungry in Jesus’ name. Your tour guide will accompany your group, inform students about how our crops are growing, and encourage them to think and ask questions.

30 acres of our Farm campus is a private, undisturbed woodland area, where nature trails lead to a peaceful meadow. Enjoy a moment of quiet reflection to connect with God’s creation.