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Field Trip Options

Field Trips to First Fruits Farm are a combination of service and learning. Depending on the time of year, students may participate in a variety of programs that align with national, state, and local curriculum standards. Choose the options that best connect with what your students are learning in the classroom!

Our class options include a variety of topics per grade level. These programs focus on earth science, plant biology, applied physics & mechanics, health, nutrition, and cooking skills. New content is added annually.

Classes are available Tuesdays - Fridays.

Early Season:  March - June   

Come visit the Farm for a Field Trip!  Trips typically last 2 hours: 

Arrival/Orientation (15 mins) 

Service Project (45 mins-1 hour) 

Class (as shown) 

Lunch (30 mins) 

Farm Exploration Time (30 mins) 

Email to get a spot on our calendar! 

In Season:  July - November 


Join us to Harvest for the Hungry and extend your day with a Field Trip! 


Arrival/Orientation (15 minutes) 

Harvest for the Hungry (1.5 - 2 hours) 

Lunch (30 mins) 

Class (as shown) - Choose a class that works with your desired departure time.

Sign up on our website calendar; in the registration notes please indicate your choice of class and your departure time. 

Class Offerings

Make and Take 

Students will explore natural influences at the Farm and create an artistic item to take home using those resources. 


NCAS AS1, AS8, AS10 

NGSS ESS 3-1, NGSS LS 4-1., 5-2., NGSS LS 1-1., 4-1

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 12.58.14 PM.png

“Bee” a Helper 

PreK - 2nd

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr

Learn about how bees are helpers on the Farm, compare a real bee to a model, meet a real beekeeper and view our honey hives. Make a bee puppet and a flower craft (or clip a flower bouquet in season) to take home. Note: Besides learning about bees as helpers, a secondary goal of this program is relieving student fears about these insects.  


Pollinator Power 

3rd - 5th Grade 

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr

Learn about the jobs that bees and other pollinators do on the farm, meet a real beekeeper and view our honey hives. Make a wild bee hotel out of recycled materials to take home (each student should bring an empty water bottle with them.) Note: Besides learning about bees and pollination, a secondary goal of this program is relieving student fears about these insects. 

FFF-homepage-drone still.jpg

Sunny Side 

5th - 12th Grade 

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr

Learn about how the power of the sun is critical at the Farm, from plant growth to solar panels. Use farm grown plants and other found objects to make a cyanotype art project to take home.  


Healing Herbs 

6th - 12th Grade 

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr

Learn about natural ingredients and their properties. Make a healing salve using farm grown herbs and flowers. *Suitable for older students as this requires interaction with hot ingredients. 

Growing Strong 

Students will learn about the biology of plant life; how seeds & seedlings grow, develop, and produce in conjunction with Agricultural practices, production, and environmental stewardship. 


NGSS LS1A - Structure and Function 

NGSS LS4D - Biodiversity and Humans 

NGSS LS1B - Growth and Development of Organisms 

NGSS HS-ESS - Human Sustainability 

NALO - Science T1.3-5b, T1.3-5e, T2.K-2e, T2 6-8, SS T2.3-5, T2 9-12 


Read for Seeds

3rd - 8th Grade 

Available April - October | 1 hr

A seed packet contains so much information to help us give our plants the best chance to sprout and grow.  Learn about the text features of a seed packet – what it tells us by the numbers, mapping, and descriptive photos or artwork – and give students an opportunity to plant a seed of their choice to take home and care for. (NCTE 1, 3, 7, 12) 


Tomato Testers

6th - 12th Grade 

Available April - October | 1 hr

Explore our large farm greenhouses and learn how they have expanded Farm production. Take inventory of the current crop and determine which greenhouse will be ready for the next harvest. Finally, students will research tomato varieties to recommend for planting, sharing their findings with the group as well as with our Farmers.  (NCTM Data Analysis and Probability) (Students or chaperones will need to have a device with internet access to supplement their research.) 

IMG_1951 2.jpeg

Creative Writing Inspiration

3rd - 12th Grade 

Available April - October | 1 hr

A garden is a place that can provide plenty of inspiration in all sensory forms.  Students will take a guided garden tour to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch natural elements, then select a creative writing prompt of their choice to expand on using these new experiences.  Prompts will differ for each age level of student; students should bring a journal. (NCTE/IRA 4, 5, 12) 


The Tiny Seed 

PreK - 2nd Grade

Available March - Nov. | 45 min – 1 hr

Students will learn how seeds move and what conditions they need to grow through using Eric Carle’s, The Tiny Seed, as a read aloud and an interactive farm sensory walk. Then, each student will plant a seed of their own to take home to care for! 


Planting to Share 

3rd - 5th Grade

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr 

All of the food that is grown at First Fruits Farm is meant to be shared with people in need.  You can plant food to share too!  Students will learn about how to plant and care for seedlings, take action in our Discovery Garden, and tour some of our large crops.  Then, students will decorate a container and plant seeds of their choice to take home, grow, and harvest to share. 


Living Local 

4th - 8th Grade

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr 

Our water and land are connected in many ways, all throughout the state of Maryland.  Local farmers are working to make positive changes to protect our natural resources, with a long-term goal of environmental stewardship. Students will learn about topics like watershed health, water quality, soil health, and agricultural practices. This program is provided in conjunction with the Maryland Coastal Bays Foundation. 


Garden Sense 

PreK - 12th Grade

Available June - Nov. | 1 hr 

Our Discovery Garden is a microcosm of the “big farm”, where we grow over 80 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Built by kids and grown by kids, this is a sensory space where all participants can get hands on with their food. Students will take a guided tour of the garden engaging all 5 senses and full of student-led discovery. 


AgriBusiness: From Soil to Sales 

6th - 12th Grade

Available March - Nov.  | 1.5 hrs 

Running a farm takes discernment, scientific discovery, and research to achieve the best results. Students will take soil samples directly from our fields and test for pH.  Using this knowledge and their creativity, they'll design an agri-business plan based to share with the group. 


Students will learn about how machines help us on the farm and how they work

using principles of applied physics and mechanics. 


NGSS PS2A - Forces and Motion 

NGSS PS3B - Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer 

NGSS PS3C - Relationship Between Energy and Forces 

NALO - Science T1.3-5b & e; T2.K-2e 

Machines at Work

PreK - 3rd Grade

Available March - Nov. | 45 mins - 1 hr 

We’ve got lots of hard-working machines on the Farm! Students will learn about the jobs that our pieces of equipment help with using the book Machines on the Farm, then take a guided tour of the equipment yard to see how these machines help us work smarter, not harder.   

Chickens on the Move

4th - 12th Grade

Available March - Nov. | 1 - 1.5 hrs 

First Fruits Farm grows more than just fruits and veggies—we donate protein from our farm animals as well!  Hundreds of our chickens live in a mobile coop, moving to different areas on the farm weekly. We’ll learn about chicken basics and then meet the flock. Their mobile coop employs multiple principles of force and motion, which students will learn about and interact with hands on! 

Persistent Pests

6th - 12th Grade

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr 

Bugs...they impact the Farm in big ways, and farmers are always looking for safe and effective methodologies to balance the harm and good they can do.  We’ll look at some of the machines that help us manage pests at the farm.  Then, students will simulate the effects of pesticides on an insect population and observe how the population changes over time. This program is provided in conjunction with the University of Maryland Ag Extension Service. 

Heavy Lifting

9th - 12th Grade

Available March - Nov. | 1 hr 

Farm machines need power to do big jobs. Enter hydraulics! Students will explore how hydraulic systems function to produce amazing amounts of force.  We’ll see machines leveraging this power to do real work and build a model that explores the use of fluid dynamics. 

Farm to table 

Students will learn about health, nutrition, and hands-on cooking skills using seasonal Farm produce. 


NHES - Decision Making 

NHES - Practicing Health Enhancing Behaviors 

NHES - Health Advocacy 

NALO - Science T1.3-5b & e; T2.K-2e, T3.6-8, T3.9-12 

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

PreK - 5th Grade

Available mid-Sept. - Oct. | 1 - 1.5 hrs

Come explore our pumpkin patch!  Students will learn about how pumpkins grow and make a treat with this good for you fruit.  We’ll also explore the natural ingredients that make up “pumpkin spice” and learn to season as we go.  Students will also take a pumpkin home! 

Whats Cooking?

3rd - 12th Grade

Available July - Nov. | 1 hr

We grow many types of fresh produce on the Farm and donate 100% of the harvest to people in need. Find out how these foods grow, harvest them with your own hands, and then learn how to make a kid-friendly seasonal recipe to enjoy! 

Students will join in for a cooking experience where all will learn about health benefits of choosing healthy foods, discover new flavors, and be encouraged to taste and try their creation.    Please let us know of any allergy issues in advance so we can plan the right recipe for your class. 

Recipes have included:  fresh salsa, bruschetta, roasted potatoes, grilled street corn, watermelon herb lemonade, sunrise smoothies, homemade ranch, chocolate zucchini bread, zoodles, roasted pumpkin dip, etc. Recipes will be seasonal and based on what is growing at the Farm. 

On the Farm  

Students will learn about their personal connections to agriculture and develop their agricultural literacy

through cross-curricular activities. 

All classes are available March - November and take 30 mins – 1 hr. 


Careers in Agriculture Tour

9th-12th Grade

Available April - Oct. | 1 hr

Take a tour of the Farm with an eye on career pathways in Agriculture.  Students will learn about the applied sciences, technologies, mechanics, management, distribution, logistics, and communications that support Farm operations.  


It’s a Small World

3rd - 12th Grade

Available April - Nov. | 1 hr

The Farm is a big place, with lots going on to feed the hungry.  Sometimes it can seem overwhelming!  But what if we broke it down into a smaller world?  Students will venture into the woodland or hillside area of the farm and mark out a 1’x1’ area of their own.  Inside this small world, they will view and create their own spaces.  This is an exercise in perspective and purpose, enjoying our space and looking at the world in a new way—great for students who may be apprehensive about being outdoors.  


Farm Storytime

PreK - 5th Grade

Our Farm educators will select an age-appropriate story for students to enjoy a read aloud in one of our picnic areas.  This is an engaging time for students to ask questions and learn more about farming and food production. (NCTE 1, 2, 4, 6)  *Farm Storytime can also be booked as a live virtual experience.   


Scavenger Hunt

PreK - 8th Grade

Explore the Farm!  Students will identify attributes of objects while looking for different categories of clues on a scavenger hunt. (CCSS MD.A.1)


Guided Wagon Tour

PreK - 12th Grade


A great way to explore the whole Farm! Our Farm educators will ride along on a wagon tour for students, asking questions and sharing facts along the way.  Elementary students will play “Farm Bingo” as they ride along the guided tour.   


Nature Trail Exploration

All Ages

Enjoy a nature walk on our shaded trails.  Our Farm educators will give an overview of the trail map and then send you out for free exploration time.  Navigate the trails using our color-coded map system, making your way to the outdoor classroom to read books or play games.  Explore our natural playscape or enjoy quiet time in the meadow.  Feeling adventurous?  Cook smores in our meadow fire pit as a sweet treat!   


A Bird’s Eye View

3rd - 8th Grade

Let’s look at the Farm from a bird’s eye view! Students will sharpen their geographical skills by learning about the view from above and creating a map of the places they have explored during their time at the Farm. Older students will interact with other birds eye view maps that apply to Farm operations, like our distribution network.

(NGS EE1.1, EE2.4)    


Barn Quilt Trail

All Ages

Students will follow along a trail map highlighting art pieces throughout the Farm.  This larger than life “Barn Quilt Trail” invokes stories of the Bible related to food and farming. Schedule with advance notice and one of the artists may be able to give the tour personally.    


Animal Facts Tour

All Ages

Students will take a guided tour of all our animal spaces at the Farm, interacting with our chickens, cows, and pigs.  Our tour guide will share facts and information about these animals including care and production.  This is a hands-on activity! *Our Animal Facts Tour can also be booked as a live virtual experience.    


Live Virtual Tour

All Ages

Can’t make it to the Farm, but love what we do? Let us take your students on a virtual ride!  Students will use a live link to follow one of our Farm educators on a tour of multiple spaces on our property.  We’ll stop along the way to share facts and information about each area, asking questions and interacting with students as much as your technology allows. 

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