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Partner With Us!

First Fruits Farm proudly works with a diverse distribution network of currently more than

200 organizations of all sizes including longtime partners like the Maryland Food Bank,

Central PA Food Bank, and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston (WV), along with churches, pantries, shelters, schools, and other nonprofits serving low-income families and

individuals throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Scroll down to learn more about joining our partner network, and the Farm's special initiatives designed to boost food production to support more communities in need.


The Farm's network of distribution partners has grown significantly since 2020, and we now serve more than six times the number of partners - vastly broadening the scope and scale of our mission. Our partners rely on the Farm for fresh, healthy food and ensure it reaches the most vulnerable in communities across the region.

If you represent an organization and would like to learn more
about joining our partner network:

1. APPLY EARLY We recommend you apply early in the year (February-May) to ensure we can add you to our distribution network.

2. COMPLETE THE REQUEST FORM Click the "Partner With Us" button below and tell us more about your organization and food distribution efforts. ​

3. WE'LL CONTACT YOU Someone from the Farm's staff will contact you within 48-72 hours to respond to your request. (If you are applying during the busy season of July-October, it may take a bit longer.)

4. PICKUP WILL BE SCHEDULED A pick-up time and date will be scheduled by a staff member prior to your arrival at the Farm. It is important that you contact us immediately if you are unable to arrive at the reserved time.  Please do not just stop by...all pick-ups must be scheduled in advance. Produce is allocated carefully and distribution is scheduled to ensure we can meet you request. (Without an assigned pick-up time, we cannot guarantee availability of our produce and what staff may be able to assist at that time.) The Farm does not have the ability to make deliveries, so all produce must be picked up at our location in Freeland, MD.

With the rapid expansion of our distribution network over the last few years, funding is needed to ensure the Farm has the resources required to support the increased production efforts and demands of our partners.


Many of our benefactors and potential funders request demographic information on where the Farm's produce is distributed and how our partners impact their local communities. As part of the request, we appreciate your willingness to provide this information so the Farm can continue to serve those in need, regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

The Farm is and will continue to be welcoming to all — for food, volunteer service, and community partnerships.

100% of everything the Farm grows is DONATED, nothing is sold.


Therefore, please know that we cannot approve a partnership application request for any use of the Farm's produce that would result in a monetary transaction. The Farm's produce must be maintained as a free donation from farm to fork.


(For example: an organization that uses FFF tomatoes to make a prepared

salsa that is sold—even for a fundraiser—will not be approved. An organization

that uses FFF tomatoes to make a prepared salsa that is donated or used in

a donated meal service would be approved.)




The Farm's Greenhouse Initiative has been a blessing to our production efforts.


Thanks to generous benefactors, the Farm now operates 4 fully-automated, 6,000SF commercial greenhouses on our campus which extend our growing season, boost our production, and provide high-quality produce from

March - November.


First Fruits Farm stands ready to to heed the call when disasters strike. We are blessed to help those who have experienced catastrophic losses due to natural and manmade disasters.


Our produce has made its way throughout the United States to reach those in need in the deep south and as far west as Oklahoma and Texas when disasters have devasted their communities.

First Fruits Farm_Distribution Map

Look where we helped serve
those in need! 


In addition to our produce, the Farm also offers a Protein Ministry which has included beef, pork, and eggs.


The Farm's first mobile chicken house arrived in May 2022 and now we have over 600 hens producing approximately 50 dozen eggs/day for this ministry.


Protein is always in high demand by our partners, and they can't get enough of our eggs! 

“The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

- Mark 1:15

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